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Mariana Yudin Portugeys – B.Sc, B.A


I went out to find what suits me and women like me

It all started when Mariana Yudin Portugais, the development manager of PORTCARE COSMETICS, was 30 years old. About two months after giving birth, she discovered that she had melanoma skin cancer. Following the illness, she experienced a health crisis, dealing with several significant skin issues – shingles, hormonal acne, herpes, impetigo, irritations, and imbalance. To treat her skin, which had no prior medical history of problems and now required special care, she realized that a change in products and understanding of skincare was necessary.
An approach that looks at non-invasive and non-irritating ingredients that maintain the skin’s physiological parameters. “I went out to find what suits me and women like me,” she says. “It’s not just about cases of illness, God forbid. The main problem of our time is stress and imbalance. Many women suffer from stress, especially in recent years – weather changes, work tensions, the economic/security situation, etc. The skin becomes more sensitive. Our skin, the largest organ in the body, absorbs everything – mental stress, sun radiation, free radicals.

My vision was to achieve healthy skin through a balance of science and nature – natural products combined with scientific innovation that maintain skin balance.”

The company produces 40 advanced products based on cosmeceutical science for skin restoration, balance, renewal, and care. The products are founded on exclusive clinical research and are developed and manufactured in Israel, tailored to the challenging Israeli climate, with a strong emphasis on quality control. The products comply with international standards, undergo rigorous testing, and are not tested on animals.

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Philosophy of Skincare
The incredible ability of the skin to heal itself!

The thinking, science, and developments of PORTCARE COSMETICS are based on the belief that the skin and body have the ability to heal themselves and achieve balance/homeostasis.

This happens when the cells, skin, and tissues receive the nutritional value they need: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hydration, and moisture!

This understanding led us to develop an active line of products based on the world of chemistry – active acids and the world of biology – extracts derived from plants for balancing and restoring the skin.

The ability to understand the biological processes in the human body, from the cellular level to the skin system level. Looking at skin pathologies with the proper matching of tools (the world of acids) is the key to success in any therapeutic pathology!

Our products are based on unique ingredients and formulas that treat the skin both internally and externally, providing the cells with the right nutrition to create healthy, balanced, and radiant skin!

From our perspective, skincare must be proven with logic formulated in molecular science. ‘Molecular’ means working and impacting at the cellular level. If each active ingredient represents a molecule, each one can have a different size and path to perform very specific and targeted tasks throughout the skin. For a formula to be truly effective, its molecular structure must have a 360° approach to repair, restore, and renew the skin over a complex matrix.

Realized by science – inspired by nature

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