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What is skin restoration?

The company produces 40 advanced products based on the science of cosmeceuticals, aimed at skin rejuvenation, balance, renewal, and care. The company bases its products on exclusive clinical research and develops and manufactures in Israel, tailored to the challenging Israeli climate, with meticulous quality control. The products meet international standards, undergo rigorous testing, and are not tested on animals.

What is skin restoration?

Sensitive, dry, or inflamed skin exhibits a variety of sensory reactions and uncomfortable symptoms. These may include redness, appearance of rash on the skin, burning or stinging sensation, itching, peeling, and sometimes even lesions.

Over time, these conditions can degrade skin quality, leading to loss of elasticity and strength, depletion of fat tissue volume, and tissue degeneration. Visibly, this manifests as less flexible and dull skin texture, pigmentation changes, wrinkles, and prominent scars.

PORTCARE COSMETICS’ cosmetic treatment method is based on comprehensive skin rebuilding, hydration, and soothing processes. Active ingredients include probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and unique healing components aimed at strengthening the skin barrier, accelerating skin recovery processes, and promoting healing.

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  • The result of treatment for hormonal acne involves reducing inflammation with the use of facial treatments and clinical therapy aimed at balancing and controlling sebum levels in the skin. This helps in healing acne lesions, calming inflammation, and reducing the appearance of redness. The outcome is supported by using skincare products alongside clinical treatments according to the recommended treatment protocol.
  • Treated by Nofit Adri, certified cosmetologist, Netanya, 052-6099026, the skin’s recovery is achieved through a combination of clinical treatments. This includes BHA peels to reduce inflammation and home use of products for epidermal barrier recovery, including a calming booster. The result is complemented by using these products alongside clinical therapies as per the treatment protocol.

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